Underground Mining

Underground Mining


Our contracting services

  • Jumbo development and mining
  • Development and production blasting
  • Loading and trucking
  • Ground support
  • Hand held mining
  • Shotcrete and fibrecrete
  • Diamond drilling
  • ITH drilling

Our specialist skills

  • Narrow vein mining handheld and mechanised
  • Mechanised mining including long hole stoping, sub level caving, cut and fill mining, room and pillar mining
  • High speed horizontal development
  • Mobile diamond drill grade control rigs
  • Directional diamond drilling from U/G locations
  • V 30 slot rising

Jumbo development and mining

Our joint venture partners’ years of expertise in the management and operation of jumbo development projects means we are able to offer the highest standards in high speed decline access mining. Increasingly being proven as the optimal solution for many mines in Africa, the rapid development of the decline enables early access to and mining of underground reserves.

With our large fleet of underground mechanised equipment, AUMS has leading technical capability in decline mining. Engaging the best operators in the industry, utilising electric/hydraulic jumbo drills (Sandvik) and rubber tyred, diesel engine powered equipment, we deliver the highest productivity and quality of finished product to our clients.

Development and production blasting

We use the latest high tech explosives (such as emulsion and electronic detonators) to guarantee optimum fragmentation, and minimum ore loss and dilution. Our drill rigs suit a range of applications and hole sizes, with an additional range for specialist applications.

Loading and trucking

We have one of the largest surface mining fleets in Africa, and we are constantly investing in the latest equipment and technology, which means our clients do not have to finance and maintain their own mining fleet. We have the equipment to build access and haul roads, as well as operate top of the range excavators, dump trucks and other heavy plant.

Ground support

Our team of ground support professionals oversee and project manage each underground mining operation. By outsourcing this task to AUMS, our clients can be confident that their project will be efficiently overseen by the best in the business.

Hand held mining

For projects which require small holes in narrow faces, secondary drilling in quarries or light duty construction work, we are able to offer a full range of hand held mining services, performed under the highest safety procedures.

Shotcrete and fibrecrete

We are at the forefront of in-cycle shotcreting, now recognised as an integral component of development mining. Its versatile nature and ability to provide a more permanent support solution than mesh has improved the long-term productivity of mine development. Our quality assured products are designed to exceed Australian Standards and international industry best practices.

Diamond drilling

As global leaders in underground deep hole and directional drilling techniques, we provide clients with the most productive, technologically advanced equipment in the world. Designed in-house and often bespoke according to a client’s needs, our diamond drilling fleet is mobile, maintained to the highest standards, and operated to world’s best safety standards by our highly experienced drilling staff.

ITH drilling

Our company has access to the latest ITH drilling technology thanks to our joint venture partners’ investment in the best technology available. Whether a client requires sample blast holes or drilling in a remote location, our fleet of modern and well-maintained ITH drills offer a cost-effective solution to your drilling requirements.

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